The “Pilot”

Our boats are designed and drawn by our architect's office Gilles Vaton firm recognized for its many innovations and accomplishments.
The effectiveness of designs hulls Gilles Vaton gives our boats seaworthiness higher.
Our boats are modern in design, we use the most advanced tools: CATIA V5 3D Circe, Maat, Rhino, Nastran calculations to produce boats stable, robust, efficient and economical.
The combination of sophisticated design, the propulsion engines and modern techniques and materials to manufacture the latest technology, guarantee a performance / consumption without equal.
Our pilot boats, thoughts with technical assistance from drivers are designed to fit most of the constraints and requirements of each pilot station.

During 2007, the Union of Professional Drivers of Toulon, eager to modernize and optimize its fleet, decided to purchase a new unit. They choose a speedboat for professional use Patrol-top. This flagship of 10 meters mono diesel 320HP fast and great maneuverability is recognized for its excellent ability to evolve at high speeds and security in formed seas. It owes its qualities mainly worked very design of its hull from the office Gilles Vaton Marseilles, its sturdy construction and an innovative deck layout.
Patrol-top is put into service in 2008. The pilots find to use this feature gives them complete satisfaction both in terms of performance, and for its seaworthiness. They also appreciate the ratio "consumption / performance" that allows them to make substantial savings on their fuel budget in the years 2008 and 2009.
Contents of this investment, the pilots ordering Toulon in 2009 a new unit: PILOT-32. This motorboat, changing Patrol-top is constructed by the Acroplast site on the same hull design office Gilles Vaton.
At the request of the pilots that heading is equipped with an enclosed wheelhouse for 4 passengers.
The star PILOT-32 is commissioned at Toulon in 2010.
The pilots contact the architect Gilles Vaton and promoter of the PILOT brand Emmanuel Garam to consider building a new show with the same benefits as the PILOT-32, but 12 meters long and powered by two diesel engines 320 hp.
After several technical meetings pilots validate the start of construction of the PILOT-40. The construction is entrusted to the H2X shipyard in La Ciotat. This site is known for its buildings many yachts and service vessels, and for his great skills in mastering all composite manufacturing techniques, including vacuum infusion. The Pilot-40 star has been in 2012 since beginning service and gives satisfaction to the Toulon station.
With this experience, Noumea pilots order a PILOT-402 with an extended 1 meter roof, additional conveniences, motorization of 2 x Cummins 5,9L coupled with Z-drive professional Konrad (US). This feature was commissioned in October 2013.
To date, at the request of several pilot stations that wanted to arm their stars in 3rd category navigation, we developed the PILOT-322.
This feature has the same dimensions, the same hull mold and therefore the same excellent hull that PILOT-32.
The new deck mold brings:
Better travel on
A larger roof
Better visibility
Structural examination by 3rd category (the Classification Society) Bureau Veritas
Etc …
In summary, we have reproduced the deck of the PILOT-40 which has been proven in the resorts of Toulon and more recently in Noumea.
Current 2014 are delivered three PILOT-322 for Nice stations, Bastia and Toulon. These three stations have helped us to develop the 322-PILOT. This motorboat of all trades, as economic to purchase has the interview with a very advantageous fuel consumption, finds its place in our range of 32 'to 60'. Currently under construction, a 40-PILOT to Reunion will be delivered in January 2015.
The undeniable success of these hulls brought PILOT-CRAFT studying the development of a range "PATROL" for civil and military uses, first from the 32 and the 45.

Building on the success of its modern entry terms, fast, robust, and scored many Pilots Trade Unions interest, both in France and abroad, Emmanuel Garam developing today with architect Gilles Vaton the PILOT-60 in order to meet the different requirements of most pilotage stations.
Pilot 32
Pilot 40
Pilot 402
Pilot 322
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You can download the general brochure by clicking on this link.
Patrol 32 wagon
Patrol 32 commando